Matthew Fleeger,the Leader of a Renowned  Energy Company

Oil and Gas are vital natural resources in the world. Man’s life in this earth is simple and comfortable, and the two natural resources have enhanced this. The United States is endowed with these two resources which are a source of energy. There are some energy companies which exploit oil and gas and transform them into useful commodities. The Gulf Coast region found in the USA is where large deposits of oil and gas have been discovered so many companies have concentrated their workforce in this region. The Gulf Coast Western Lilac is one of the companies which are undertaking its mining and exploration activities in this region.

The Chief Executive Officer of the company is Mr. Matthew Fleeger who is a well-known professional and a businessman. Not only is he the CEO of the company but also the doubles as the president and managing director of the industry. This firm is a project of his father who founded it and so it is a family company. He has worked in the company for many years since he was a young man and up to date, he has assumed the top managerial position in the company.

Gulf Coast Western LLC was founded in the year 1970, and it has its headquarters in Dallas Texas. It is specialized in exploitation, development, and acquisition of gas and oil reserves at the gulf coast region. Matthew Fleeger was the president of the company from 1985 to 1990.jhe has also worked for Kinlaw Company as Vice President. Mathew is also the founder of MedSolution and the chairman of the board of directors.

Fleeger graduated from Southern Methodist with a bachelor ’s degree in business and later advance his studies in Stanford University where he graduated with master’s degree is a highly professional and very skilled and talented leader with a high passion in business.


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