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My Earrings Are Worth How Much?

People are always on the lookout for a smart investment. Most conversations lead straight to the traditional ways of creating a portfolio comprised of stocks, bonds, CDs, etc. In this time of financial uncertainty around the globe – it is important for people to increase their investment options. To be open to a more finite approach to investing.


A vast majority of us have already been introduced to a finite investment strategy within our own homes. In fact, it is most likely an intrinsic part of our morning ritual. On top of that, it can even hold tremendous emotional value, especially when placed on a particular finger or when you clip that anniversary present onto your ears. This finite material is gold.


Investing in gold is not a new thing. It started with the birth of our nation when our first President George Washington opened the U.S. Mint Office. Two hundred years later, this office remains in business with over six facilities stretched throughout America. It is still the facility where all government-issued silver, gold and platinum coins are minted.


When you invest in these coins, not only are you investing in a finite material, you are also investing in America’s rich history. All of the coins generated are crafted by artisans. They symbolize America’s ideals, freedom and reflect actual moments in our history. Several also proudly showcase famous people that have shaped our country such as President John F. Kennedy and Martha Washington.


The U.S. Money Reserve is the place to start your gold or silver investment strategy. They have been in business for more than ten years and are the largest distributor of U.S. government issued coins. Their account executives can walk you through what type of material investment is best for you and your family. To date they have more than 300,000 satisfied clients.


Call today 1-866-MINT-GOLD to get your free gold information kit sent directly to your home. Understand all of the true benefits an investment like this can do to boost your current portfolio. Take advantage of this opportunity to invest in gold, silver or platinum – considered by many to be the “last true currencies”.

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