New Buildings on the Horizon For Boraie

The citizens of Atlantic City have a lot to be excited about in a 250 unit rental project. It is intended for residential and mixed-use. It also happens to be one of the largest and most up-to-date projects in a quarter of a century to hit the city. It goes by the name The Beach at South Inlet.


It is worth 81 million u.s. dollars. The project is under close report by the city’s press. Members of press organizations are proud, and just a little bit impressed, to tour the site with Sam Boraie Development LLC. This project location is bordered by Atlantic, Pacific, New Jersey and Connecticut avenues. The lives of about 50,000 different residents of this resort town are about to see the benefit of the The Beach at South Inlet.


According to NJ Biz, even though this is the best thing to happen to Atlantic City in about 25 years, it’s something of a silver lining on a dark cloud. For ten years, the growth within the community was on a downturn. This is due to phenomenons in the surrounding states that influenced market trends. The gaming industry plays a huge part of the economy for Atlantic City, and the little bit of turbulence to blame for recent hard times is finally over. For more details visit Crunchbase.


And even though this is definitely good news, it’s not altogether a big deal for Boraie Development LLC. The vice president himself, Wasseem Boraie, understands that renters today are very demanding and clear about what they want in their facilities. That is why this gem of development includes a pool, gym and lounge for the residents who live there.


Really, it is about time for this city to grow up with the people who live in it. More than 61 percent of the city’s housing residents are more than 40 years of age. This means that they have the experience and gathered resources to upgrade their way of life within the city they live in.


Taking the long view when it comes to investment and returns is a Boraie Development LLC speciality. Leaders in this business understand what it takes to be successful in projects with locations that span from Europe to New Brunswick. Wasseem simply follows the plan that he started many years ago back in Albany. Certainly, Boraie knows what it means to turn doubters and naysayers in to happy partners or inspired followers of his visionary quests.



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