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Organo Gold; the Fastest Growing Network Marketing Company

Organo Gold is a worldwide network marketing company. The mission of the company is to change the lives of the people by helping them attain new levels through freedom, balance, and welfare using the company’s premiums goods and market opportunity.

If one wants the OrganoGold products, they can find them at the company independent distributors found in more than 50 countries. The services that are provided by the Organo distributors include the provision of products samples, individual product sales and automatic shipping options, all via the chosen customer program. Read the reviews at

OrganoGold partnered with Napoleon Hill Foundation. The book ‘Think and Grow Rich’ that has over than 100 million copies sold has been able to help many achieve their financial goals hence becoming become successful entrepreneurs.

Organo is proud to be the sponsor of Organo Cares Foundation. The Foundation is a non-profit organization that offers support to the youth by giving them opportunities to be productive as well as involve the community members. The primary goal is to initiate a change for the generation to come.


The company believes in the strong sense of loyalty. It stays together as a family to support each other to the top bringing the sense that they are only strong when they are united. By the process of enlightenment, the company is able to grow both through knowledge and entrepreneurial ability. It is also the belief of the company that each person can make use of their power and earn from what he indeed owns.

Organo Gold was established in 2008. Bernardo Chua is the founder as well as the CEO. He is honored as one of the most successful businessmen in the region of the Pacific Rim. This has seen him receive the Dangal ng, Bayan award, and National Shoppers Award.

The CEO’s vision and commitment to deliver the earth’s treasure to people is what makes the company unique. During the first five years of the company, the focus of the company was on the chines herb by the name Ganoderma. Mr. Bernardo Chua was the first one to successfully market the herb with coffees and teas in other regions outside of Asia. As the company continues to expand, Chua together with his product development team, continue to bring the treasures and products to the people in the world. It is a mission that has made the Organo Gold Company become one of the fastest network marketing company. View Organo Gold’s profile on

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