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OSI Group Purchases Flagship Europe

OSI Group is a top food processing company that has taken the international food processing department by a storm. The company is based in Aurora, and it has made a lot of innovations so that it can retain its position in the global market. The food processing department is not meant for all organizations. Few individuals have made it in this market because of the challenges involved. The global platform becomes more complicated for the companies in this department because of the complex regulations that must be followed. OSI Group has been fortunate to handle all these challenges well, and it has managed to perform extremely well in the tight American market.

Just recently, OSI Group announced to everyone in the international market that it has managed to acquire an institution known as Flagship Europe. According to the news that has been shared by the powerful company, Flagship Europe specializes in frozen poultry, and it has been doing quite well over the years. The institution has been supplying mayonnaise, dressings and sources to the customers based in the United Kingdom. Before Flagship Europe was purchased by the OSI Group, it had managed to acquire an institution called Calder Foods. The institution is also found in the UK, and it focuses in the production and supply of marinades, sandwich fillings, sauces and mayonnaise. With all of this expertise, the institution will be able to offer OSI Group the kind of support it has been looking for.

OSI Group top executives announced that their company was very excited about the new acquired company, and they were looking forward to improving the lives of the customers who are found in several parts of the country. These leaders have been in the limelight for a long time now, and they have done everything possible to make sure that customers who love to consume the company products are happy. Led by Sheldon Lavin, the organization has managed to become the leader in the meat production department, and it has brought a legacy that will be remembered for decades.

Sheldon Lavin and the other professionals working for the OSI Group are quite experienced, and they understand the amount of effort they should put so that the customers remain happy. Lavin has been a prominent personality in the food production department, and he has also managed to scoop several awards in the past due to the amount of success he has brought to the OSI Group.

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