Paul Mampilly, The Banyan Hill Investment Expert

Paul Mampilly is an American venture capitalist and a former hedge fund manager. Paul Mampilly is also the Editor in Chief of Profits Unlimited, Extreme Fortunes and True Momentums at the Banyan Hill publication and has demonstrated to be a prominent force in the realm of finance. He is the creator of the newssheet Profits Unlimited which guides subscribers into bonds that are clued-up to shoot higher. Paul was born in India and later come to the United States and hastily joined the ranks on Wall Street. After seeing how much of an asset he can be, many billion dollar companies approached and recruited Paul. Follow Paul on


In 2017, Paul Mampilly wrote a newsletter that motivated the readers to capitalize in precision medicine. He guided the readers to invest in precision medicine because it would explode faster than it was predicted. According to Paul, the readers could make up to $100,000 by investing $10,000 in some of his preferences. And in a short period of time one major corporation announced that it will start three new precision based trials.

After joining Banyan Publishing in the year 2006, Paul managed to achieve over 90,000 people who have subscribed to his newsletter Profits Unlimited. The investment newsletter details a different investment prospect every month which includes a typical portfolio tracked by Paul himself.


The future of precision medicine according to Paul Mampilly


The Banyan Hill Publishing website features recommendation from some of the world famous investments professionals who have a successful background. Precision medicine can be familiar to medical scholars and some doctors; however, there are some other doctors who are excessively full of activity to keep up with trends who are not accustomed to precision medicine. Paul says that precision medicine with momentarily alter the treatment strategies for the Parkinson’s disease, cancer, arthritis and several other diseases.



There is a big difference between treating a disease and curing a disease. Many pharmacological industries focus on treating a disease rather than curing it. Some treatments are tailored to lessen the symptoms of a disease or even delay its progression. Companies that concentrate on precision medicine study cancer patient’s DNA as well as other precise factors to build a profile for the patients. By doing this, doctors are able to gather data and analyze the treatment options of the patients and find patterns in the options while identifying the best treatment options for the patients. One of the things that make Paul Mampilly famous is the consistency of his smart picks. Read this article at

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