Inmate Communication

Preventing Dangerous Crimes Using Securus Technologies

Whether inside or out of the jail, my job as a police officer is trying to limit violent crimes that are being done to innocent civilians. When you have a suspect who has a history of committing violent crimes and simply is using the jail as his personal turnstile, we have to step in as law enforcement and make sure this suspect is not allowed to simply do as they please without any repercussions.


We were dealing with a very dangerous suspect who was spending minimal time in jail because each time he was arrested, somehow the eyewitnesses never wanted to press charged or they simply disappeared. That being said, this suspect was getting more violent and more dangerous because he simply felt invincible. We never could connect the dots in a way that would result in a lengthy sentence, but that was all about to change with the help of Securus Technologies.


The team at Securus Technologies recently installed a new inmate call system that was miles ahead of the system we used to monitor calls with. Now when we listen to the inmates talking on the phone, the LBS software picks up on key pieces of conversations we may have missed that were allowing us to connect the dots we couldn’t in the past. The good news for us was this suspect had many friends in jail today, and they were about to unwillingly help us in our quest to put this suspect behind bars.


The call software alerted my team to chatter between certain inmates who were putting out orders to street-level thugs who were harassing and making witnesses either forget what they saw or disappear altogether. This was the key we needed, and by allowing eyewitnesses to come forward without fear of retaliation is key. Our suspect is comfortably spending a few years in the jail that his friends share now.


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