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Richard Blair Brings Positivity To The Financial Planning Industry

Richard Blair has several certifications and a substantial amount of experience that allows him to be a capable partner to his clients. His company, Wealth Solutions provides top-notch services that help their clients cultivate, defend, and manage their assets. They are an investment advisory firm, based out of Austin.

Blair believes that in order to be successful, everyone needs a plan allowing them to achieve their financial goals. Because of this belief, he plans to provide the Austin area with wealth management services and planning for retirement.

He is very thorough and strict when it comes to Wealth Solutions’ policies. They follow a three pillar approach that allows the company to figure out their clients’ situation in addition to whatever their retirement needs may be. This approach also allows an easy way of customizing a plan for each client. Their three pillar approach is as follows:

  1. This pillar was made to help their client lay out their financial map. It helps point out their goals, risks and future growth possibilities. This allows Wealth Solutions to see where their client is coming from and help them create a blueprint for the future.
  2. This pillar helps the firm to establish long-term ideas to help meet their clients’ investment needs. This created plan is specifically designed to the client.
  3. This pillar is created after determining the client’s goal and creating plans to help meet them. During this pillar, Mr. Blair helps meet the clients’ insurance needs.

Richard Blair had the goal of making a positive difference in others’ lives when he founded Wealth Solutions. His mother, grandmother and wife were all teachers and gave him a love for the world of education. When he combined that with his natural talent for finance, he discovered he could truly help people with their investments and financial planning.

He immediately entered the financial sector in 1993, after graduating college. In 1994, he established Wealth Solutions to give clients the unbiased and objective advice they deserved. Over the past decades, he has enhanced his financial knowledge and his experience helps him aid his clients close the gap between planning for and living in retirement. According to BrightScope, Richard Blair Wealth Solutions helps them with strategies for income planning, with the goal of helping clients pursue their idea of success.

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