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Richard Liu Qiangdong: The Chinese E-commerce Giant

E-commerce has been a convenient way to shop right at the comfort of your own home- that is why it is so addictive! You can open any device you have that can open a browser and connect to the internet and voila – you can access majority of the stores that you would want to purchase products at – pay and then it gets delivered right at your doorstep after a couple of days! This is what technology has brought to us – though it may have a few disadvanatages (like for example, you can not fit the clothing before you purchase it) – it does save a lot of time for people who are living a very busy life – you can access your favorite online shops on your phone or on your tablet while you are in transit.

The biggest manufacturer of majority of the world’s inventory comes from China – and you would not start to imagine how big e-commerce is there. Of course we all know the shopping site Alibaba, but we might not know of Alibaba’s number one competitor, is headed by Richard Liu, a genius entrepreneur, sociologist and computer programmer and a graduate from one of the country’s top schools – China Europe International Business School. Richard Liu just started selling optical products in Beijing and from there he ditched his physical store expanded into the wide world of the internet. He then started selling things close to him like electronics, optic works and consumer goods. He rose and rose to the top until he started getting a ton of investors like Walmart, Farfetch, Tencent and recently, WeChat – China’s number one all-in one messaging application., because of its popularity ended up being the feature in one of the biggest floats in the US in the Nasdaq parade in March 2014.

Alibaba and are now two e-commerce rival giants that are clawing their way to the top spot. Along with Richard Liu’s leadership, genius mind and powerhouse staff – it is not long anymore before they can overpower every e-commerce rival in China and not long enough, certainly the world.

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