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Robert Ivy And The Value Of A Professional Society

How many architects have you ever met in your life? The prestigious career path that an aspiring architect has to go through is often wrought with obstacles and that makes an already tough job even harder to get established in. While there are many different paths that an individual can take in order to succeed in architecture, having a little bit of help on your side will never hurt. Robert Ivy is the CEO of the American Institute of Architects and he was titled a ‘Master Architect’ in 2010 thanks to his expansive knowledge and expertise. Ivy is dedicated to helping future architects and he is doing that by touting the benefits of joining up with a professional society. Visit to know more about Robert Ivy.

A professional society is like a union, but not really. Professional societies are focused on individuals rather than groups and they work directly with people rather than businesses. The American Institute of Architects, or AIA, is operated by Robert Ivy and the benefits that come with it are absolutely instrumental for aspiring architects. There are a wide variety of amazing benefits that come with working with a professional society, so let’s break down a couple of them right now.

An architect will have to go through extensive schooling and even an internship or two before they even get the opportunity to sniff after their own career. Oftentimes, this post-education and post-internship experience is notoriously difficult and can result in architects quitting outright. At times like this, having an organization like the one that Robert Ivy runs would have been a huge benefit. Follow Robert Ivy at Twitter.

Professional societies are here to help career driven individuals find the tools that they need to succeed while also allowing them space and ability to cultivate their own personal talents. From lobbying power to special analytical tools, professional societies lay down a foundation of information that can help even the freshest of architectural graduate. Additionally, Robert Ivy touts the networking opportunities afforded to members of professional societies and he considers them to be one of the most important aspects of all. If Ivy, a Master Architect, believes in professional societies then you should consider it as well.


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