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Robert Ivy Receives Lifetime Achievement Award

Executive Vice President and CEO of the AIA, also known as the American Institute of architects, Robert Ivy is being honored the lifetime achievement award by the Mississippi Institute of arts and letters, also known as the MIAL. This is the first time in architect has received this prestigious award, it is only awarded to those living in Mississippi who are artists/our patrons who have an extensive array of work, worthy of honor and praise. Others who have received this prestigious award include, Lee artist Walter Anderson in 1989, actor Morgan Freeman in 2007, writer Shelby Foote in 2004, and several more.

Robert Ivy, is an architect to a specialize in making architecture that is “more accessible to the general public.” Addition to being a well-known architect Ivy is also a well-known writer, author, and commentator of architecture, known for his work all throughout the globe. Many say that it’s about time that Ivy finally took this award home, as he rightfully deserves to do so. Prior to becoming the CEO of the AIA, Ivy was the editor-in-chief of McGraw-hills Architectural Record. While Ivy served as editor-in-chief for the journal, attracted the attention of many more readers, as well as earned the award for the National Magazine Award for General Excellence. In addition, he also learned the companies construction and design medium during its initial growth in China, in which she helped launch a Mandarin version of the magazine, as well as in the Middle East.

Ivy also has an authoritative biography called, Fay Jones: Architect, was published in the year 2001 and today is in its third edition. The work explores the work of fellow American architect Frank Lloyd Wright.

Addition to receiving the lifetime achievement award, Ivy was also honored with an award from the national architecture fraternity called, Alpha Rho Chi, for his “effectiveness in communicating the value of design.”

Ivy received his bachelor of the arts in English from Sewanee: The University of the South. Additionally, Ivy went to Tulane University and received his Master if Architecture degree from there.

More information about the AIA, the company in which Ivy serves as Executive Vicep President and CEO for… it was founded in 1857, and continuously works on creating more sustainable, valuable, and upstanding neighborhoods, buildings, and communities. It has over 200 local, state, and international pillars under the company umbrella. Members of the AIA took an oath under a code of ethics and conduct that they will maintain and continue to serve at a first class level.

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