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Roberto Santiago:

*A Closer look at Businessman Roberto Santiago:


Roberto Santiago is currently a well respected Businessman who currently resides in Brazil. Santiago gained fame and popularity after building one of the most successful shopping malls in Brazil. Manaira Mall is known as the most popular and admired shopping mall within the entire nation. The mall first opened in 1989.


In addition to the retail shops, Manaira Mall has a variety of movie rooms in which 3-D movies can be viewed by men, women as well as children. You can watch some fabulous movies and enjoy some tasty snacks from the cinema snack bar. In addition, Manaira Mall has a large game station on the premesis. You will be amazed at the fine selection of advanced gaming equipment. There is also an electronic bowling center for those who enjoy bowling.


In 2009, Roberto Santiago decided to add a concert hall to his successful shopping mall. Therefore, a large concert hall was added on the top of the shopping plaza. Domus Hall is one of the largest concert halls in all of Brazil. Many well known performers have appeared at Domus Hall since 2009. Tickets to most live performances must be purchased well in advance due to availability. Santiago quickly discovered that the addition of Domus Hall turned out to be a true financial success.


*A Second Shopping Mall (Mangeria):


Roberto Santiago was so impressed with the success of Manaira Mall that he decided to open another shopping mall establishment in another part of town. The new shopping mall is not quite as large as the original Manaira Mall however, it does seem to attract a number of people each week.


The Mangeria Shopping Mall is Santiago’s second project which took approximately two years to complete. Now locals have a choice of two shopping malls in which they can visit at their leisure. Roberto Santiago is considering adding new additions to the Mangeria Mall sometime in 2018.


Roberto Santiago was educated at Pio X Marist. In addition, Santiago make the decision to further his education by attending the University Center. The University Center provided an excellent education for Roberto Santiago and it was located within close proximity to his home.


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