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Rocketship Education Provides Help for Low Income Families in San Jose

One thing that can be said for San Jose is that it was once the place where dreams came true. However, these days are filled with rising prices when it comes to housing. Therefore, low income families are in a really tough spot because they are not going to be able to deal with the rising prices. This also makes it hard on children when it comes to education. Fortunately, there are programs put in effect that will help children get the high quality education they need so that they will be able to achieve some meaningful goals and build better lives.

This company that helps people is called Rocketship Education. Rocketship Education is a charter school that is meant to help children with their education. However, they are also involved with community service for low income families. They are working with community organizations and other entities in order to build some kind of system that will bring forth safer and higher quality public schools that children can study in. There has also been a study that goes into how effective a charter school like Rocketship education is to the community. Children who spend time in these types of schools actually gain at least a month more of education in a charter school than low-income public schools.

Education is very important for the progression of society as a whole. For too long, people with low income have been neglected and left to deal with their issues in the best way they can. Fortunately, Rocketship Education is providing people with the environment, the challenge and the support they need so that they will be able to bring forth better results from their education. One of the best things that students can learn are skills that are related to success in later areas of their lives.


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