Rocketship Education Takes A Collective Approach To Education

For most parents, quality education is at the top of their priority list when it comes to their little ones. Because finance and geography restrictions have a significant impact on which school a student attends, opportunities for education can vary. Charter schools like Rocketship Education serve as a bridge between low-income families and quality education. They remove the barriers and restrictions placed by uncontrollable circumstance, giving families a greater option for their child.

Rocketship Education believes all children should have equal access to high-quality education. To do this, they take a collective approach to education, involving both the parents and their community. At Rocketship, parents, and teachers work as a unit for the best interest of each child. The small student to teacher ratio makes it easier for teachers and students to bond, and build trusting relationships, thus giving students the confidence they need to succeed in the classroom. But, the work doesn’t stop there, the network of schools reaches far beyond the classroom, and into the homes of their students in their time of need.

When Dulce, a young hard-working mother lost her home of eight years in a flood, teachers and staff at her sons Rocketship charter school swooped in to help immediately. She and 30 other families who had been affected by the flood were provided clothes, hot meals, and an unmeasurable amount of support. The school selfless acts highlight just one of the many benefits of public charter schools like Rocketship Education.

When business duo Preston Smith and John Danner noticed the lack of equality in elementary education, they immediately began working on a plan to bring about change. The organization opened its first school in San Jose, California in 2007 and after receiving praise for student performance and test scores, followed with six additional schools. Rocketships core mission is to eliminate the gap between low-income students and quality education. With the help of their students and the dedication of their parents, they are redesigning the image of quality education.

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