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Ronald Fowlkes Learned Plenty About Life And Business From His Time Spent In The Marines

Ronald Fowlkes feels like it was just yesterday when he enlisted in the Marines at the Marine Corps Recruiting Depot in San Diego. He definitely feels like his time spent with the Marines has changed his life for the better and made him a better father and businessman. He is more than happy to spend time with his family, which includes three children, when he isn’t working. He has talked about the fact that the Marines made him tougher, both, mentally and physically and that it also made him very aware of the importance of paying attention to the smallest of details. He does this in his daily life and his work life where it is crucial. He has revealed that he has learned the importance following up with customers after they have made a purchase in order to find out if the product they bought is working or not for them.


Ronald Fowlkes was posted overseas on Okinawa, Japan where he received plenty of training in preparation for any event that might occur. He was able to take part in scuba diving while there and has commented that it was one of the best times of his life. He’d never even been on an airplane or left the United States at that time and learned plenty while there. He also spent some time with the Navy while in Japan and will never forget that experience.


Ronald Fowlkes eventually was reassigned in California where he spent just a bit of time before being called to go to war in 1990 during the time of Saddam Hussein’s regime. He was a part of Desert Storm and Desert Shield and and learned how to acclimate to different living conditions while there. Eventually, he left the military after disagreeing with the way that America handled Desert Storm. He was frustrated that the United States had gone into Iraq, started a conflict, and then pulled the plug on the operation rather than completing it.


Eventually, Ronald Fowlkes longed for a family and realized that he didn’t want to bring his kids all over the world with him as he served in the Marines. He became a cop instead and has commented that the change was a tough one. Now, as a businessman, he is learning to apply a lot of what he learned in the Marines to his sales team. One of the biggest lessons he learned is that everyone can do another person’s job; meaning that every member of his team can help out someone else when needed. If someone falls out or quits, he always has someone who can jump in and take their place. One of the biggest lessons he learned is the importance of family and to never take your children or the people in your life for granted.


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