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Sam Boraie’s Contribution to the Rehabilitation of New Brunswick

Sam Boraie is one of the key leaders of Boraie Development which is a real estate company based in New Jersey. Boraie Development is a family owned company which was founded by his father, Omar Boraie. The company has been on the forefront in developing many properties in the city of New Brunswick. Boraie Development has contributed majorly to the growth of the real estate industry in the city, reports Bloomberg.

For instance, the multi-purpose facilities set up by the firm have attracted tenants and encouraged small businesses. The increasing number of residents has led to a high demand for housing space hence the company continues to put up new buildings in Atlantic City. Sam Boraie ( says that the company has long-term plans for New Brunswick. He aims to turn New Brunswick into an economic center in New Jersey in a few years.

Boraie Development has been working hand in hand with other investors and firms in order to hasten this transformation. Sam’s task is to see to it that the company obtains new strategies that will ensure it grows faster making it a step closer to achieving its goal of developing New Brunswick, He has pushed that the corporation engages in a huge marketing campaign that will attract investors from New York which is New Jersey’s neighboring state. Boraie Development has created numerous job opportunities and has contributed significantly to economic growth and improving the quality of life for the residents of New Jersey. The developments have also helped in enhancing the appearance of New Brunswick which will, in turn, attract even more inhabitants.

Due to the increasing population in New Brunswick, Boraie Development has ventured into Atlantic City. Here the firm aspires to construct both residential and corporate buildings to create even more jobs. Due to the urbanization of New Jersey, more companies will be encouraged to expand and set up shop in the city; this will be beneficial to the residents who will gain access to more facilities. Also, the creation of more jobs will see to it that poverty is eradicated.

Apart from his role in the family company, Mr. Sam Boraie also engages in charitable endeavors. He works in close cooperation with Elijah’s Promise which is an anti-hunger agency in New Jersey. Elijah’s Promise aims at eradicating hunger by providing healthy food to the community and empowering people by offering job training and employment opportunities which contribute to breaking the cycle of poverty in New Jersey. Sam Boraie is a board member of this charity organization, and he plays a significant role in planning for its future.

Boraie Development has positively impacted New Brunswick a great deal. There has been an increase in the number of homeowners, better housing and facilities for the residents, numerous job opportunities, and significant economic growth. The firm has shown its commitment to the transformation of New Brunswick, and it continues to do so.


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