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Sam Tabar on Working in the Financial Sector

Quite a large number of people find it hard to transition from one sector to another. Sam Tabar is not your everyday type of corporate executive. The brilliant lawyer and private venture capitalist has juggled between legal practice, wedge fund management and philanthropy. With Sam Tabar’s recent appointment as the Chief Operating Officer of FullCycle Energy Fund, his star seems to keep shining in the foreseeable future.

Sam’s Corporate Career

A shrewd strategist, the Columbia Law School and Oxford alumnus has being overseeing budget approaches for most of the firms he has worked for. When he made his foray into the financial world, his first major posting was at Sparx Group as the co-head responsible for promotion. This is the leading independent fund in the Pacific Asia. His appointment demanded that he manages all aspects of the firm’s international advertising effort. He worked with gusto and met all targets set by the management. He is credited for improving the visibility of the firm at international level.

After Sparx, Tabar joined Merrill Lynch, the investment arm of the Bank of America as the head of investment policy. His duty at the institution involved furnishing fund managers with directed overviews about official investors such as benefactions and foundations. His wide consultation and ability to beat deadlines saw him become a dependable member of staff. He formed the spine of the firm during his time. His appointment at FullCycle is not surprising to those who are known to him. Tabar has already set an ambitious target for himself, which is to cut costs by helping the company shift from expensive and contaminating fuels to nature friendly and cheap energies.

Sam’s Legal work

While undertaking his postgraduate studies at Columbia, Tabar was the Editor of the Columbia Business Law Journal. Thereafter, he worked as a legal practitioner at Skadden, Arps, Meagher, Slate and Flom. He also had a stint at Schulte, Roth and Zabel. He leaned heavily towards commercial law and this is what might have prompted him to make inroads into the fiscal world.

Sam’s Philanthropy

Mr. Tabar is involved in philanthropy through GoFundMe, as well as SheThinx. It provides sanitary towels to women in Africa. It also empowers them to rise beyond their traditional role of housekeeping. He also supports the Africa Wellness Initiative, which provides healthcare services to children plagued by HIV/AIDS. Using his social media pages and website, he often beseechs the public to support these self-sacrificing initiatives.

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