Inmate Communication

Security Solutions Offered by Securus Technologies to Correctional Facilities

Law enforcement institutions, the correctional facilities, in particular, trust Securus Technologies to provide them with innovative technology solutions. The solutions the company offers are tailormade to enhance the security of both inmates and the security personnel in correctional facilities.


In America alone, there are more than one million inmates that benefit from the services being offered by Securus. The services include the provision of highly sophisticated communication channels that are used by inmates to communicate with the outside world, alongside a secure data management system. Securus commitment to providing quality solutions has been cemented by the diverse products and services the company offers law enforcement institutions.


The company is a leading provider of services that are customized to meet the demanding and sophisticated needs of prison facilities. Judging from the environment in which these technologies are used, Securus Technologies is aware of the fact that the services they offer need to be reliable, secure and robust.


Since the company’s establishment, crime prevention and solving have been the core responsibility of the company. The solutions they provide go a long way in enhancing of public safety while also providing security within the correctional institutions. Securus has been receiving positive feedback from its stakeholders and clients, and below we sample some of the feedback the company receives via email.


One of Securus’ clients has relied on the company’s services for more than a decade due to the quality of services and experience that Securus provides. The client appreciates the efforts made by Securus in modernizing and transforming the prison environment and experience. The use of Securus’ services by this client has gone a long way in the creation of a secure public environment within the region that the client operates. Other than this, Securus services have seen the reduction of smuggling of contrabands within the correctional facilities.


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