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Securus Technologies Issues Corrections Regarding GTL’s Patent Allegations

Securus Technologies recently released corrections to a press release by Global Tel Link (GTL). The press release contained misleading information regarding the leading provider of inmate telecommunications firm, Securus Technologies. GTL wanted to sue Securus for an 816 PTAB accredited patent. The inmate telecom company, however, issued a correction pointing out that the patent was not accredited as GTL claimed. GTL also alleged that the 816 patent covers their video visitation technology. To correct this allegation, Securus issued a statement asserting that the technology is an independent claim.


Securus also issued another correction asserting that GTL’s case is likely to be overruled by a jury because they lack enough evidence to support their 816 patent infringement claims. The company also mentioned that GTL’s patented video technologies are not used in the inmate telecom services they provide. Securus also mentioned that they have a good record of accomplishment of settling rational financial agreements with companies that utilize their patented technology. The company highlighted that their patent metrics are much higher when compared to GTL’s.


Securus Receives a BBB Accreditation


Better Business Bureau (BBB) awarded Securus Technologies an A+ rating for their innovative criminal justice and inmate communications technology. For a company to receive a BBB A+ rating, they must have honest advertisements, earned a good reputation for quality services, honored clients’ promises, embodied integrity and safeguarded customers’ data. Securus has adhered to these requirements, and this is the reason why they bagged the award. The company also enhanced its customer service by building a call center with a capacity of 220 seats. This call center will serve its 25 million clients.


Located in Dallas, Texas, Securus Technologies, the leading inmate telecommunication giant offers diverse services. These include biometric analytics, telecom, monitoring services, and investigations. Securus has connected more than 1.2 million inmates with their friends and family members.



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