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Sheer Numbers: The American Institute Of Architects

The Washington, D.C. based – American Institute of Architects (AIA) – is both, a long withstanding, and a highly revered, center for education. The AIA has continually been a centerpiece to the architectural community. Currently, the AIA is jointly operated by both CEO Robert Ivy, FAIA and President Thomas Vonier, FAIA.

The AIA has been a successful establishment since the year of 1857, whence which it was of NYC. It’s founders, a group of thirteen, each passionately carved out the institutes morals, values, and practicum. In March of that year, the school and its 13 leaders had successfully written-out two drafts: one constitution and one by-laws standards. And, in just one months time, the organizations name had been officially changed – from New York Society of Architects – to American Institute of Architects. This historical event had also encompassed the filing of a certification of incorporation upon the organization itself.

From then, onwards, a wildfire began to sweep college campuses across the nation. Varying cities throughout the country were asking to join the fellowship. And, by the close of the 19th Century, eleven chapters emerged throughout eleven cities. The number has continuously multiplied each year and has now already surpassed an already stagger number of 300 active AIA chapters! Chapters are are easy to locate in nearly all major cities. Memberships can even be duly extended to those whom are fully authorized as licensed architects but do not physically reside within the United States.

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IAI fellows, such as CEO Robert Ivy, FIAI and President Thomas Vonier, FIAI are among some of the world’s first and foremost brilliant brilliant minds. These highly inclined, academically sound individuals truly hold an honorary designation, which is first foremost affixed to the member’s professional name, i.e. AIA CEO Robert Ivy, FAIA has been designated (“FAIA”), and, as such, Robert Ivy, FAIA – is among the 2-percentile group of AIA members. The AIA’s highest endorsement (FAIA) typically signifies that – that member has made such a dramatic impact on the architectural community as a collective whole, that it made a significant difference to the entire professional field of architecture.

The AIA has such a significant and longstanding outreach through sheer numbers alone, insofar as to say that some AIA members affect our local and national government in monumental ways. These members are charged with holding the ultimate responsibility of everything – from ensuring that affordable housing be of well design – to public spaces, and even to see that our nation’s plethora of infrastructure stays safe, sound, and solid.

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