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Shervin Pishevar Tweetstorm Predictions Revealed

Some big names like to put forth their opinions on Twitter. Recently, one of the biggest names in Silicon Valley recently went on an epic 21-hour Tweetstorn where he talked about everything from the future of the stock market to American infrastructure. That Silicon Valley executive, Shervin Pishevar, is making waves with all of his outrageous predictions. Below are some of the highlights from that much talked about Tweetstorm.

The Dow Will Collapse 6,000 Points

One of the first predictions made by Shervin Pishevar was that the Dow Jones Industrial Average would fall almost 30% from its high. If Mr. Pishevar’s prediction is right, this would mark the biggest drop in the index since the 2008 crash.

Bitcoin Will Crash As Well

Perhaps an even more shocking market prediction was what Shervin Pishevar thought about Bitcoin. Mr. Pishevar tweeted that the popular cryptocurrency will continue to fall and stabilize at the $2,000 to $5,000 range. If that prediction holds true, this would mark a nearly 90% drop from Bitcoin’s $20,000 high.

Silicon Valley Will No Longer Be Tech Epicenter

The one tweet that had almost everyone talking what Mr. Pishevar’s thoughts about Silicon Valley. The early Uber investor tweeted that Silicon Valley will no longer be the center of the tech universe. Instead, start-ups will work all around the world and communicate remotely with investors and clients online.

American Infrastructure Will Continue to Fall Behind

Mr. Pishevar went on to talk about the state of American infrastructure. He said that the most powerful country in the world is continuing to fall behind other emerging nations. In particular, Mr. Pishevar brought up the fact that the Chinese were recently able to build an entire train station in just nine hours.

Mr. Pishevar continued to make other predictions and statements for almost an entire day. These tweets mark the first public statements made by the early Uber investor since allegations of his misconduct hit the news. As 2018 continues, Silicon Valley watchers will be anxious to see which one of Shervin Pishevar tweet’s will come to pass.