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SKOUT Helping Us All Become Superheroes

With superhero movies on the rise it’s no wonder that more and more people are getting interested in these caped crusaders. One company, SKOUT, decided to take the growing interested in superheroes in order to raise money for the greater good! Recently reported on PR Newswire, SKOUT announced it’s plans to celebrate National Superhero Day in a very unique way.

SKOUT is a global app that was designed to help people expand their social circle. It allows people to safely connect with others who are within a certain radius of their location in an effort to help the user to become acquainted with more than just their work colleagues or old friends.

This unique app, however, attempted to reach hero status when it announced that for every virtual gift someone gave a friend through SKOUT, the creators of SKOUT were donating money to the Make-A-Wish foundation of the Greater Bay area. Even more surprising is that they said they would continue to donate money until one wish was fully funded.

Does this make SKOUT a superhero among apps? Well that depends on what you consider a superhero to be. Along with the donation announcement, SKOUT also announced the results of the superhero survey they had been running to celebrate National Superhero Day. The survey showed some surprising results, among them the fact that the favorite superhero depended on the gender of the person answering. Women tended to say that Batman was the best superhero while men tended to go with the Man of Steel himself, Superman.

The Batmobile, of course, won the title for the best superhero ride, and Batman and Robin won best superhero BFF’s. But what prove whether or not the SKOUT app can be considered worthy of superhero status is what people answered when asked what they thought a superhero was. Around 44% of people said that the main trait it takes to be considered a superhero is selflessness.

Most would consider donating as much money as possible to a worthy cause, like the Make-A-Wish foundation, as an act of selflessness. So while SKOUT is doing its best to connect people, it’s also doing its best to help all of us to become superheroes in our own way.

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