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Squaw Valley Explains The Ways It Is Winning Its Water Quality Fight

It is common for major weather events to strike areas of the world, such as California’s Lake Tahoe region that is a popular destination for winter sports enthusiasts. However, a major rain event that took place in the Olympic Valley area of Lake Tahoe has had a negative effect on a small region of Squaw Valley Ski Resort which uses a four well drinking water system serving the Upper Mountain area of its slopes, including the consistently popular Gold Coast and High Camp regions of the historic resort.


Squaw Valley Public Relations Director Liesl Kenney has reassured visitors that every avenue is being explored in a bid to make sure the inundation of water that was seen during the rain event bringing traces of E.Coli and Coliform bacteria into the isolated well system will be used to end the drinking water issue. The resort has already moved to end any issues that may be seen in the future by shutting off the contaminated water supply and closing restaurants in the Upper Mountain region to ensure the safety of all guests and maintain the record of no medical issues being linked to the contaminated water supply. Squaw Valley officials believe the contamination in a well water system updated as recently as Summer 2016 shows their own water testing procedures are successful and should be praised for discovering the issue before any water could be offered to Squaw Valley visitors.


The well system serving the Upper Mountain portion of Squaw Valley consists of four wells that are being worked on by officials from Placer County Environmental Health Department and independent well water experts employed by Squaw Valley. The resort has always placed great importance on the quality of its water supply and has made a commitment not to return the water supply to operation before the all clear is given by the team working on the contamination problem. The latest news reveals three of the four affected wells are already showing no traces of E.Coli and reduced levels of Coliform as Squaw valley reports visitors using the Upper Mountain area will be offered complimentary bottled water for their comfort.

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