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Stream Given the Most Innovative Marketer Award of the Year

Stream Energy is considered to be one of the leading connected life and energy services providers in the United States. The direct selling firm has served consumers in the country for some time, and it has been ranked well because of the high-quality services it has been giving its clients (MyStreamPress). Just recently, the successful organization was offered the Most Innovative Marketer of the Year Award. The prestigious award was given out by a platform known as Energy Marketing Conference. The awarding ceremony was held in Houston, TX, and it was attended by many companies in the market.


Getting the popular award is a very complicated affair. Most of the time, the award is given to the energy companies that are making notable accomplishments in the industry especially when it comes to creating bundled services, programs, and improved customer experience. Only the companies that have met these qualifications are allowed to take part in the competition. The energy market has attracted many investors in the international platform, making it very competitive. Companies that do not provide high-quality services did not have a place in the nomination process.


According to Greg Martin, the current general manager and senior vice president of energy services at Stream, the Energy Marketing Conference is an ideal platform that has been able to bring together some of the best companies in the energy market. According to Greg Martin, the companies in this department are working hard so that they can be recognized in the platform, and this has increased the quality of services given to the consumers (


For Stream Energy, being recognized in the recently concluded conference was a testament that the organization has been valuing their customer needs. The institution has undergone so many changes in the recent times so that it can impress the shareholders and customers by the kind of products it is offering. Greg Martin says that getting this award was a real honor that will be cherished by the company for a long time. The professionals working at the company are pleased with the award. These employees have been working so hard so that they can make sure that the customers never complain.


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