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Talkspace: Changing Therapy on Text At A Time

Talk space is a highly acclaimed therapy app located out of New York city. It offers free online counseling versus its competitors see patients inside an office. The text-based message app fits right into your notes directly inside your iPhone. When you connect and sign up, you’ll be match with what is called a primary therapist. All of the conversations are in real time, which is very impressive. Your therapist will begin to ask you questions to better understand your situation. If you have any concerns they are only a fingertip away by sending a quick text.

Talk space can cost up to $20 to $250 per session and they normally last week for about 45 minutes. A regular week is $25. Your primary therapist is a licensed mental health counselor based from New York. He or she has the adequate hours within her master degree to handle patients along with passing the appropriate exams. When your primary therapist connects you will be able to see their educational background and their area of specific focus. Talk-space is an innovative app that has taken finding therapy to a whole different level.

You receive one on one communications with a qualified therapist that can help you with your problems on a daily basis. This type of therapy technology can ease your concerns if you immediately need to speak with someone. If you choose to use the service for a month it can cost you roughly $128. Most people like it for its convenience and the response time. If you are paired with the therapist that you feel doesn’t fit , you can always change.

If that’s the case, all your information will be transferred over to the new therapist so you don’t have to repeat all of your concerns over again. Talk space is a great platform for those who would rather maintain privacy and prefer texting instead of speaking out loud in a room directly to a therapist.

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