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Tammy Mazzocco Shows Us How

In 2016, the real estate market in Central Ohio was a good one. Tammy Mazzocco, a successful real estate agent in four counties in Central Ohio did will in an upward moving market because there were more people working at more jobs and the home buyers were out looking.


However, about the middle of November, just after the elections, a housing shortage emerged which tightened things up and made it more difficult to find houses that people were looking for.


Tammy Mazzocco had been through real estate ups and downs before, and she stated that she cannot control what the market does, she can only control what she can do to find more people to show homes to.


Tammy got her start in the real estate business by answering an ad for a secretarial position at a commercial real estate company. She then managed a large condominium complex for seven years where her boss suggested that she get her real estate license to help him in some of his projects. That was in 1995.


Tammy saw the opportunity of selling real estate rather than just managing it as far as the income potential was concerned. Finally, in 1999, she went full-time into the real estate business.


The one thing that she learned from others and several of her mentors along the way are to set definite goals as far as tasks, activities and how many people you are going to be showing a home to. She believes in setting goals and then breaking them down into actionable steps. That is the only way, she says, to get started and achieve or exceed your goals. Tammy loves to exceed her goals because that just means more income.


Tammy Mazzocco knows that a home buyer likes a proactive realtor who is going to lead him or her. Most homebuyers are not as knowledgeable as they would like and the rely on a strong realtor to help them. That fits Tammy Mazzocco to a tee.

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