Thanks to the Academy of Art University, Beautiful Designs Are for Everyone

In San Fransisco, California lies a secretly owned, accredited arts academy called the Academy of Art University. Built up and founded in the year of 1929 by a man named Richard S. Stephens, this school has over 12,500 students, 283 teachers who work full-time, and over eleven hundred teachers who work only part-time.

This University owns some of the largest amounts land of all homes and businesses in San Francisco. The Academy of Art University always has open admissions and an incredible acceptance rate of one hundred percent. There has been some worrying over the university’s lower graduations rates, as of 2016, with only about seven percent of of their students finishing a four-year degree within the time they have to complete it, but that doesn’t seen to have affected the school too greatly, as of now.

The Academy of Art University began as a school just for advertising art, but then, after the original founder’s granddaughter, Elisa Stephens, took it over in 1992, more majors were added and so were the number of students, approximately 18,000. Since then, the student body at the arts university has dropped by a few thousand, but, with different agreements and ideas, the university is trying to get itself growing again.

At the Academy of Art University, earlier this year, on July 31st 2018, the university asked their students two questions: is good design always designing for the same few or is it designing for people in many various groups, including people with disabilities? To answer this question, a panel at the academy required of their students to recreate their idea of what most people think of a good design by including disabled people with different disabilities to wear their various clothing types and styles by putting together and hosting an inclusive fashion show.

Many people don’t think about clothing being an issue, but people with disabilities fight with it on a daily basis. Most people can fix their outfit if it gets messed up during the day, but, for some, like people who are subjected to a wheelchair, don’t have that liberty. The afternoon of the 31st was filled with mindful and inventive conversation, glamour, and beauty as different men and women with various disabilities walked or wheeled down the catwalk, showing off beautiful clothing creations by the students at the Academy of Art University. With the uiniversity’s students’ beautiful work, kindness, and inclusiveness, it was an afternoon to remember for all those participating and watching the show.

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