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The Chainsmokers get dark and dirty

The Chainsmokers have been topping the charts since 2015, their music is both trendy and controversial. Recently The Chainsmokers began a new journey in their music expedition. Their iconic flows and relatable music shakes this generations free form. The Chainsmokers released a song called “Sick Boy” which is a small piece of their larger puzzle, they are in the works of creating something that is different, darker and focused. They have chosen this direction because they felt it was closer to how life is going for them currently. Alex Pall and Drew Taggart are the faces of this musical group that have been working for months to create this vision.

The Chainsmokers are known for their speed in the music studio when it comes to producing quality music at a rate their fans appreciate. However, they decided to spend 9 months solely working on their new concept. After 9 long months, they produced a masterpiece that digs deep into the hard of this generations mojo. This generation is no longer driven by just dollar signs, they are driven by views and followers on social media. This song relates to how this generation’s culture identifies success.

The Chainsmokers definitely held out and gave the crowd what they wanted. On this new album, they gave this generation what they needed to hear. They needed to know their life is worth more then social media likes and fame. The Chainsmokers are creating a new identity for themselves, it is obvious to see when looking at their new cover art. Their album cover art went from perfume bottle style to Iron Maiden cover art. Their new song “Sick Boy” addresses the risk trying to reach the overly glamorized celebrity lifestyle and culture that everyone is striving for.

The string of music they reveal to the world is all in good timing. The Chainsmokers kicked off the new year with their monthly release of new music. Their new song “Everyone Hates Me” has gained a lot of attention since March 2018. This year is another beautiful era for this show stopping group. They deliver year after year since 2015 and they show no signs of stopping. They have made a name for themselves that all of their fans should be proud of.