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The life and times of George Soros

George Soros was born in the year 1930 in Hungary, to Erzebat and Tividar Schwartz. His parents were non-practicing Jews and after a while his country moved from Hungary to England. In his life and times, George is known to have engaged in various activities in politics, philanthropy as well as social concern. He is known to be a well-rounded person who takes his time to engage in activities that benefit the society at large. George Soros is well-known not only in his homeland but also the world. He is known and appreciated for is great deeds and most people choose to be like him by following his example.

George was philanthropic in the sense that he was involved in various activities to support individuals in the community who were poor, sick and needy. George started his philanthropic activities in the year 1979 and five years later, he established an Open Society Foundation in Hungary. In 1987 he opened up an office in Moscow and this is when he started using huge amounts of money to offer support to the needy people in the society. The amount of money he used for various causes increased with the number of people he supported. His spending was $3 million in the year 1978 and it rose to $300 million in 1992.

Social concern is another aspect that defined George Soros. As he was growing up he had a godfather who was a politician. Being around him made him feel like life was great. However, he saw that his life was different from that of other people as a result of what they were going through. Being around a politician he experienced a comfortable life but what he saw going on with other people in the society touched his heart. He saw other people suffering and wished he could stretch out a helping hand to them. George was young during the time but he promised himself that he would offer help when he was older and had money.

The other aspect that makes George Soros known is the fact that he engaged in politics. This fact shows that he had his time planned well because he had time to engage in charitable and politics. He was involved in various trades of more $25 million dollars for the purpose of supporting various causes. His political advisor stated that George has been a consistent donor when it comes to politics and that is why he has used huge amounts of money on supporting politics. An example of the political events he has supported is the campaigns of Hillary Clinton.

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