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The New Trends of Advertising According To Lori Senecal

In order to be an effective advertiser, one has to know the trends that are happening. Fortunately, Lori Senecal is aware of all of the trends and she is willing to share them with others so that they will get an idea on what to look for. These trends are going to help give the advertiser some edge in the marketing game. Lori Senecal has discussed the trends that are taking on the advertising industry so that people can learn what it takes to gain the customers that the company needs for success. It would be a good thing to at least experiment with the approaches that are trending.

One major trend that is considered effective in advertising is putting together an ad campaign that reaches the heart of the consumer. Often times, the consumer culture falls into a state of apathy. The best thing to do when advertising is to cut through the apathy with a message that evokes emotion. It could be anything. It does not have to be anything sad. One way it could be done would be to touch on some of the deeply held values of the culture. This has proven to be very effective at getting people on board. Check out Crunchbase to know more.

Another good trend would be to get rid of the intrusive and irrelevant approach to advertising. One thing that has been considered to be annoying about ads is that they tend to be very jarring. This approach is actually a lot easier online because there are plenty of topics beyond what is on TV. For instance, when it comes to advertising fashion, the best thing to do is go with fashion related topics and present people with a campaign that is going to capitalize on their interest on the types of products that they are looking into.  Visit

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