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The Oxford Club’s Four Investment Principles

The Oxford Club is not exactly a secret. Founded nearly 30 years, it has served 80,000+ members in over 130 countries. It was formed as a private club of investors who valued shared information through a personal network over relying on traditional news sources.

Multiple tiers of membership give access to services including thoroughly researched investment reports by experts on every field and nuance of investment, invitations to exclusive club-sponsored events, or the proprietary Viper Alert which scores stocks based on short-term gain potential. These services are not free, but The Oxford Club shared their overarching investment philosophy, divided into four tenets: Broad Diversification, The Exit Strategy, Calculated Size, and Cutting Investment Costs.

The admonition to diversify investment sounds cliche, but this doesn’t mean investing in different companies. Have a savvy approach that allows for truly broad investment. Include stocks from every classification, vary asset classes beyond stocks, an assorted level of risk, and include long-term and short-term profitability.

Exit Strategy: not as simple as it sounds. Don’t have a vague idea of when, or how, to sell; avoid moves made on emotion. Know the precise conditions that would allow for viable profitability, or cutting the most loss, before buying.

The Oxford Club retains a position sizing formula monitoring the ideal amount to invest in particular stocks, and analyzes asset classes by risk, enabling members to be informed about rebalancing investment portfolios.

Cutting costs seems obvious, but difficult to achieve in practice. Between hidden fees, fund managers, and the IRS, the sea of expenses add up. Through maintaining overall expenses at 0.3% per year and tax-management, investors can retain an additional 4% annual return, which over decades can mean hundreds of thousands of dollars.

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