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The Path of George Soros to America and the Politics He Found Along The Way.

George Soros has come up in America as a pioneer in a great many of ways. Soros was born and raised in Hungary but in the ’50s he emigrated here, after a long and dangerous journey, in order to settle down in New York. Since then Soros has established himself as one of the most successful investors and philanthropists of all time. Along the way George Soros decided to use his past history in order to inform his future philanthropy and, as a result, bring about great social and democratic justice and change around the world and here at home in the United States. George Soros’ story is inspiring because it shows how he came up to be one of the most prominent and world-changing progressives to ever live.We can go back in time to a very different era. The year was 1944 and George Soros was living in Hungary with his family.

WW2 historians will know why this year, and this country, were important. The Nazi occupation was about to begin and Soros and his family would see firsthand just how vile and dangerous a group bent on nationalist and authoritarian rule could be. Over the year of occupation more than 500,000 Hungarian Jews would end up senselessly murdered for nothing more than how they were born and the creed that they lived by. George Soros would see friends and family members carted off or killed. Over that year the Soros family worked hard to save as many Jews as they could before fleeing themselves to London.As a young man in a new country George Soros had to throw himself into his studies in order to make a life. Soros took on two different jobs, as a railway operator and a waiter for a night club, in order to pay for his studies at the London School of Economics.

While there Soros would become familiar with the writings of Karl Popper and his stance on capitalism, as well as its great threat. This writing would later on lead George Soros to pen a beautiful op-ed regarding the true threat of capitalism in the world and how its intrinsic greed can condemn everyone involved.After graduating from the London School of Economics George Soros would set sail for America in hopes of starting a new life and finding success — and he succeeded. The Soros Hedge Fund quickly became one of the most profitable hedge funds in the country while the Open Society Foundations turned into one of the most giving philanthropic foundations of all time — giving more than $12 billion globally. Now, George Soros is a pivotal player in the world of politics as he tries to bring about progressive change.

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