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The Purpose of the Kabbalah Centre

Kabbalah, a religious practice founded by Philip Berg, has been growing in popularity since pop singer Madonna openly shared that she practices Kabbalah. This belief, originating within Judaism has varying definitions dependent upon who you’re speaking to. These esoteric teachings, or in other words teachings that direct individuals to an infinite being are somewhat misunderstood. The goal of Kabbalah is to teach the unchanging relationship between the Ein Sof (infinity) and the finite being of God and what He has created.

One of the biggest misunderstandings about Kabbalah is that it is a religion in and of itself. Rather it is a religious practice, merely a way of teaching or worship that aims to also define the relationship between the Earth and those who live in it. One goal that individuals strive for in Kabbalah is to gain a deeper understanding of our purpose and how we exist together. Understanding religion and how it is a part of the bigger picture are what make Kabbalah appealing to individuals that have not been a part of a specific denomination.

Having developed within the Jewish tradition, the Kabbalah Centre was developed to equip those who want to learn more about this practice and how it can enhance or change their lives. According to their Linkedin page, the center is a non-profit organization based in Los Angeles, California, with locations in Europe and all over the world.

Courses are provided on The Zohar, the foundation of Jewish literature as well as more Kabbalistic teachings online. The mystic teachings are fascinating to those who study Kabbalah and the mysticism associated with it. The Kabbalah Centre is also multi-ethnic, as it appeals to an international audience, and the international staff was placed with the intention to reflect that outwardly welcoming everyone.

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