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The Secrets Behind Doe Deere’s Colorful Empire

At first glance, the Instagram photos of Doe Deere take some by surprise. One might say that she has a unique flair that is unlike anything they have ever seen. She is beautiful for sure, but her company is thriving because she dares to be different. She uses social media sites to showcase new and exciting products that she has available at her cosmetic company. Lime Crime is in its eighth year, and they have no plans of slowing down. With new products being introduced constantly, Lime Crime rivals other top cosmetic companies.

Everyone has to start somewhere and Deere got her start in Moscow, Russia. Born in a foreign country, she was given the name Xenia Vorotova. Her parents moved to America when she was young. She grew up in New York City and later moved to Los Angeles. Today, her company headquarters is in the LA area where she lives with her husband three cats. To her friends she was Xenia. However, when she began to morph into her own person with a unique style, she decided to change her name. Doe Deere was born from a friends suggestion while playing music. Her innocent look reminded her friend of a deer, thus the name Deere was born.

Deere admits that it was hard to find a color scheme that really worked for her. She had no sense of style and fashion, even though she spent so much time in NYC. Her revolution came in her 20’s when she began to experiment with her clothes, makeup, and overall expression. She tells all of her fans that she was horrible with colors and makeup, yet she knew that what she wanted the current makeup companies didn’t offer. She wanted colors that attracted attention and made a statement at the same time. More than anything, she just wanted to be uniquely her own person.

Lime Crime was created under her eBay name as a designated store where she could sell her cosmetic creations. She had to name the store and struggle for inspiration. Lime was her favorite color, so it was easy to choose a hue as the name of her company that she often wears. Her style has morphed over the years as has her company. Today, she is the “Queen of the Unicorns” and chooses to dress in colors that correspond with a fairy tale world. In her reality, life is simple, pure, and honest. Though Deere knows that the real world is nowhere as kind.

She has experienced great controversy while starting her company. Whenever someone dares to be different, people either embrace it or fight it. Deere has learned how to handle the negative and focus on the positive. Her company is doing better than they ever have and products are being launched in retail locations. It certainly must be a crime to look at beautiful as she does. The fact that she doesn’t conform to any specific style or trend makes her a trendsetter. She dresses and does her makeup according to her preferences, and she doesn’t care who doesn’t like it. Being a trendsetter requires tough skin and resilience.

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