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The Story of Immigrantion & OSI Group

OSI Group holds the title for being the premier provider of food for the entire globe. They work with many of the top retail food brands and other food service companies. OSI Group works to establish solutions for their consumers around the food who want to delight in their quality meats and products. The privately held company has the infrastructure to create any product their customers demand. The company has a team of staff who know how to source the exact ingredients, develop table to food concepts, produce products and distribute products in a timely manner. But at the core of this successful business is its passion for entrepreneurship. The tale of immigration and determination for success is the fuel that still drives this company after doing one hundred years of business.

Otto Kolschowsky came to the United States at the beginning of the twentieth century. Chicago, Illinois was a hub for immigrants. He settled into a small German community of immigrants. This community grew to being about twenty five percent of the city’s overall population. The city was thriving and a place for industrious entrepreneurs. Otto fit in well with this city and community. Many of these immigrants decided to not settle in the city and instead move to the plans and create a farm. But Otto had a different vision.

Otto opened his retail meat market after being in America for only two years. Business was good for butcher and his community loved what he was creating. By the ten year mark, the butcher shop expanded and opened a wholesale business. This required that business operations being moved to an additional location in Maywood, Illinois. By the twenty year mark, the company was Otto & Sons. To know more about the company click here.

The generation of Otto’s sons were able to take this company into being what OSI Group is today. They saw the vision and was able to expand their father’s recipes into the many McDonald franchises across the midwestern United States. From there, OSI Group has mastered being a major business working with many partners across the world. The company continues to push forward never forsaking their story of hard work, humility, determination and immigration that got them started.

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