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Todd Lubar – The Mortgage Originator

Todd Lubar is an American entrepreneur that mainly specializes in finance and real estate. He expressed his desire in real estate in 1995 right after his graduation. Lubar was quick to join Crester Mortgage Corporation as a loan inventor in the same year and this is where he got to first interact and develop relationships with insurance agents, Real Estate agents and financial planners.


His time in Crester was however short as he took another leap in his career in 1999 by getting into the Legacy Financial Group. This move allowed him to garner recognition as he used his position to develop Legacy Financial Group and he ended up making an estimated loan amount of 100 million dollars during his time there. This proved to be an invaluable experience which allowed him to broker loans to investors and lend direct as a mortgage bank thereby improving his lending capabilities.


That was however not enough for him and in 2002, he founded Legendary Properties, a residential development company, allowing him to directly impact development. This venture led to rapid growth of the Real Estate industry through purchasing, renovating, selling and profiting in more than 200 transactions. This was a big step in achieving his 7000 plus transactions which he is currently highly credited for. It is also at this time that he is said to have best linked with banks as he was able to acquire $20 million in terms of credit. In the next year, Todd made undeniable progress which expanded his business as he opened Charter Funding, an affiliate of the First Magnus Financial Corporation which is a top mortgage firm in the United States. By this time, he had been ranked among the top 25 mortgage originators in the United States.


In 2007, the mortgage industry faced a lot of major changes forcing Todd to be involved in other lines of business which include Automotive Scrap metal recycling and commercial demolition. This expanded his experience in the Real Estate industry at large as it was a platform he used to obtain contracts with well-known reputable general contractors in the country.


He by then had acquired 12 years of experience and gained skills in overall risk analysis in different market conditions and almost any loan scenario. Todd Lubar’s experience and natural humanitarian persona made him a great fit as president of TDL Global Ventures. A lot of people in need have been able to feel the effects of his position as he used it to help people in need.


Todd Lubar can currently be found in Bethesda, Maryland. He loves spending time with his 2 daughters who live with him and is a known lover of outdoors and travel. He indeed deserves the respect he has acquired in his lifetime as happens to add value to whatever he comes across.

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