Twenty Three Layers Delivers Incredible Results For Events

In a recent article that was featured on, Camille Styles shared her tips for planning an event successfully without a bunch of stress. She is a professional event planner and gives some of her best tips for creating a memorable event without becoming overwhelmed in the process. Her first tip is to stay organized. Make sure everything is recorded in some fashion so that it can be referred to later. Make a master VIP and to-do list and highlight important features so that nothing and no one is overlooked for the event.


Another tip is to set a theme for the party and use that as a template to build on. A self-service bar is also a great idea. Pre-made drinks can be placed by the entrance and other decanters of alcohol can be made available for guest to pour their own drinks. If it is a family event there can be a dedicated kids table that features fun and engaging activities and decoration so that they feel welcome. This creates a great environment for them to be entertained in. Other helpful tips included not getting carried away with the place settings, incorporating party favors for a fun atmosphere, and remaining calm and stress-free during the event.


People that would prefer to look for even planning companies to handle their next social event should check out corporate event planners in NYC. Twenty Three Layers is a reputable company that can handle any size and style of event. They can handle small whimsical events and large corporate gatherings. They have established a solid reputation in the area for delivering high-quality results. Their customers love the creative touches that they add to all of their events. They are one of the most highly regarded event planning companies in NYC. Check out their website for more information on the services that they provide or to find contact information.

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