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Using Wikipedia to Enhance Your Travel Experience

There are a number of people who travel on a regular basis. At times they will travel to places that they are not very familiar with. As a result they will often need assistance in finding their way around a given area. In most cases people will usually use sites like Wikipedia and Google to help them learn more about their surroundings. However there is a new upcoming site that will help provide you with the benefits of both sites into one. This new site is called Wikipedia Sights which is a new option you can use as an application. Using this site will allow you to not only locate certain places but also learn more about them at the same time. Therefore you can find a place, its location as well as detailed information which can help you know more about a particular site ahead of time.

The new application known as Wikipedia Sights has certain features that make navigating a given area quite simple. There are the options called Nearby and HERE which provide you with maps as well as information about an area. In order to best use this application all you would need to do is pull up the Nearby option on your phone and then click on Wikipedia. Once this is done you will then be guided to the place you want to learn more about and then have what you need to explore the location. There will usually be a summary of the site by Wikipedia which provides you with brief but detailed information of places such as landmarks and museums. Those who are interested in learning more information about a site can always make a Wiki page which will usually contain up to a page worth of facts about the site of interest.

Along with using Wikipedia and the new icons with the application, there will also be 3rd party content to go along with it. With this content users will be able to access things such as data collection maps. One of these maps is the Get Your Guide Tours which will enable people to access a computerized option that helps them get in depth information and guidance in their locale. Using this new application will also help you find a number of places such as restaurants shops and parks. One of the best things about this new application is that you won’t need to update your phone so you can easily avoid this hassle. With this new application you will be able to make traveling less stressful and frustrating. It will also help provide you with more enlightenment as you will have the opportunity to get more detailed information about sites you visit that go beyond what you may get from travel agencies and guides.


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