Wes Edens Completes the Sale of Fortress Investment Group

When Wes Edens called his business associates to a meeting to discuss the foundation of a financial services firm, he did not expect to be the executive leader of Fortress Investment Group, a diversified asset manager. Today, he is handing over this company to Softbank Group Corp after the completion of a buyout. As the company moves under the umbrella of Softbank Group, Wes Edens and his associates are retaining their position. This is solely because of his input in developing the firm’s portfolio. But that is not all about Wes Edens. In the past, he has worked for different companies thereby garnering vast experience to propel him to the right direction in business.

Edens is the co-founder of Milwaukee Bucks. He is also the owner of FlyQuest, an esports team located in America. Established in 2017, the team is affiliated with Cloud9 Organization. For education, Wes Edens attended the Oregon State University and received a degree in business administration and finance. Thereafter, he joined Lehman Brothers and started serving as a managing director until 1993. He later joined BlackRock Asset Investors and worked as an asset advisor in the private equity division.

In 1997, Mr. Edens opened a new chapter in his career. He played a key role in the founding of Fortress Investment Group. In 2007, the company made it to the list of publically traded buyout companies in America. By 2009, Wes Edens had led Fortress Investment Group towards the sale of 600 million of its shares. At the same time, the company gained about 15 percent of Nomura Holdings. Still, in his tenure, Edens helped the company to recuperate in after the mortgage crisis in 2008. Between 2015 and 2016, he moved to Fortress Investment Transportation and Infrastructure Investors.

Other roles Edens has played in the development of Fortress Investment Group include the acquisition of Springleaf Financial Services. In addition to his input at Fortress Investment Group, Edens is the chairman of Nationstar Mortgage, initially known as Centex Home Equity LLC. The company deals with home equity mortgage lending. Today, Wes Edens is a huge contributor at Softbank Group given that the company acquired Fortress Investment Group.

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