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Wes Edens Continues to Lead Fortress after SoftBank Group Acquisition

Wes Edens continues to leave Fortress Investment Group after the purchase was accepted from SoftBank Group a global technology company that is pioneering revolutionary change within the tech sector. Wes Edens serves as Chief Investment Officer of Fortress Investment Group and will continue to hold that position to provide the needed leadership and guidance needed to continue the expansion of the vast portfolio of over $36.1 billion as of September 30th, 2017. Wes Edens has provided the leadership to establish Fortress Investment Group as a major player in the alternative asset category of investments by providing assets ranging from real estate, permanent capital, private equity, and credit. Within this alternative asset, category Fortress specializes in illiquid credit instruments, distressed assets, and undervalued assets, in particular.

Wes Edens receives education from Oregon State University where he received a Bachelor’s Degree in Finance and a Business Administration Degree as well. He has held various Chief Executive Officer positions with some of the most well-known investment firms within the country and has provided intellectual analysis and evaluation of various asset groups to become one of the most renowned minds within the subprime lending industry. With a strong foundation of knowledge and successful intellectual capital retention, Fortress Investment Group has created a profitable conglomerate within the alternative asset category that exceeds industry norms. SoftBank Group acquired Fortress Investment Group On December 27th, 2017 and has added a strong asset to his portfolio by giving it an opportunity to garner superior returns on investment. The purchase price was $3.3 billion in cash and was successfully approved and allowed SoftBank Group to continue expanding within the Technology Sector.

To ensure that Fortress Investment Group will continue down the road on a sound structured streamlined path after the acquisition, Wes Edens and the other key members of leadership were retained and continues to provide the necessary intellectual analysis, evaluation, and guidance for the continued success of the organization. Wes Edens, in particular, provides superior intellectual knowledge and experience that will prove invaluable after the acquisition and into the future of Fortress Investment Group. SoftBank group specializes in advancements in smart robotics, internet services, Ai, telecommunications, clean energy technology and IoT. By investing in the new frontier of information, Wes Edens is providing an opportunity for its company to produce returns on investment that will pay dividends for SoftBank Group. With the continued leadership of Wes Edens, Fortress will continue to provide the necessary returns on investment at SoftBank that make this purchase a very lucrative asset on the SoftBank Group portfolio.

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