What does the Avaaz company do?

Avaaz is a professional online organization that helps bring to light the world’s biggest issues to be found today in the environment and throughout social classes. There are countless people who want to make a change but don’t know how to do it, and Avaaz is here to help provide this opportunity to have your own voice heard. They specifically focus on promoting global activism on issues like human rights, corrupting, poverty, and climate change. With the growing amounts of idealists looking to create change, Avaaz is here to help spread awareness and open doors for opportunities to come about through realistic changes.

The best part is that they do not receive funding for their projects. They did initially receive funding from corporations when they started the company, but in the end they have used the money from generous individual members over the years since 2007 and have now earned $20 million. They have helped bring ideas and issues to the forefront of the media and allowed for those who want to create change to a place where they can create such recommendations and build a future.

When creating campaigns, they always like to listen to the people. They utilize the ideas of members and a couple of people who are specialists that dictate where a specific campaign is headed and if it should come into fruition. They utilize the more than 10,000+ members to help find out where the organization is headed and what they will be doing next. It’s incredible what the company is capable of on bringing new ideas to the forefront and also giving a voice to the voiceless. What’s incredible is that anybody with a strong heart can join Avaaz and have their voice heard and seen by the world. Avaaz is the organization worth joining to succeed.

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