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Whitney Wolfe Makes Her Own Rules in Social Media

Whitney Wolfe possesses a strong spirit. She is the young peppy app developer that seems to be unraveling a whole new look at the way that social media is evolving. She has become so popular that other companies that had a lot more registered users than Whitney Wolfe with Bumble are now trying to infringe upon her territory.

This may have something to do with the fact that Forbes has proclaimed Bumble to be a billion-dollar app. This gets the attention of a lot of app developers and potential app users. It is easy to look at the way that app developers are able to improve their own apps when they look at the blueprint that Whitney Wolfe is laying down.

Facebook, for example, has more than a billion users and Mark Zuckerberg has become a billionaire as a result of this app. Still, he feels the need to create a dating segment of this app because he believes that it will be something that can become profitable for his Facebook users.

What Mark Zuckerberg is realizing is that social media works better when it is more of an all-inclusive type of concept. This is what Whitney Wolfe seems to have realized before anyone else. This is why she started a dating app and continued to build up her app with more than just another dating app. Wolfe engaged in adding Bumble BFF for friendships to be created. She started working on Bumble Bizz for business people to socialize.

All the other social media apps were one-dimensional prior to what Whitney Wolfe was doing. Very few people may have noticed, but in addition to becoming someone that started a feminist a dating app Whitney has become the innovator that has done more to create all-inclusive app. Snapchat is popular, but it only provides one area for people to socialize in this is through video. Instagram is popular, but this is nothing more than pictures. Facebook is good for socializing, but it is for friendships with people that you already know. it is only through Bumble that people provides the ability to connect with new business partners, friends and mates.

Wolfe has not played by the rules, and so far this has work to her advantage. Some may say that it is the only thing that has allowed her to progress in a world where men make the rules of app development.

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